Mental vs. Physical

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My progress since the last check in isn’t that different in terms of numbers but it is monumental when it comes to experience and attitude. I for so long believed that my appearance would be thanks enough for a job well done but realized I gather more satisfaction from all that I have learned. Over these last 5 months I have grown closer to friends and gained enormous self enlightenment.

Physically I have learned that my body does not have these restrained limits that I use to think were this large confinement. For example, I use to believe that I couldn’t go to a gym class, out of the fear of embarrassing myself. I also believed that it would be impossible for me to talk about my goals of physical health but I also proved myself wrong on that accord as well. The confinements that we create for ourselves are usually always in our minds with no real merit.
Emotionally, I have learned that the healthy living journey is more mental than anything else. Over this journey I find myself more often fighting with my mind to get out of bed and eat the healthy choice than I have had to push my body to complete the goal I have set for myself.  I have found that this whole process has been very interesting in that through it, you begin to create a barrier between how you see yourself and the opinions of others. The strength that I have achieved has been more than just physical and I couldn’t have achieved it without this amazing journey.

The healthy living journey is such a great experience in which you learn so much about yourself and those you surround yourself with. I have enjoyed the journey thus far and look forward to the milestones and achievements that we have yet to experience. Today, I want you to find 5 minutes of quiet time where you can reflect on the journey thus far. Think about the things that you changed during the journey and how they may not feel like changes anymore. Celebrate all of your milestones whether physical or mental! We are by no means done with our journey but we can definitely take the time today to celebrate the distance conquered! ❤

“Your mind will quit a thousand times before your body will.
Feel the fear and do it anyway.” – Unknown


Author: Christine Adelaja

Hi, I'm Christine! I am currently working towards my Masters in Business Administration with plans to bridge the gap between Nutrition and Business. I believe the road to healthy living is both beautiful, empowering and one never ending joke. My essential purpose is to motivate and empower others towards living a healthy lifestyle through education and guidance!

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