To Gluten or not to Gluten…

Photo By – Drew Coffman

Some of the most popular diet regimens begin with cutting out specific foods from your plate. These items can be processed sugars, specific dairy products and meats all together. I honestly find it very interesting the things that we can cut out of our daily meals and the effect it can have on our bodies. This curiosity is fueled by not only its chemical effect during digestion but also the reasons why some foods can be better than others.

This brings me to my topic of the hour… Gluten. This item has been the topic of discussion very frequently the past few years. It has been commonly regarded as a cause of multiple diseases and the bearer of all evil. With that being said lets dive into the question of all questions.

What exactly is Gluten?

Gluten is a common term used to describe the proteins you find in wheat, rye, barley and triticale. Gluten can be found in most foods being that it helps food maintain their shape, kind of like a glue. It is commonly associated with breads and desserts but can also be found hiding in many other commonly eaten foods. Below you will find some of those obvious items as wells as a few surprises.


Here are some of the foods Gluten can be found in:

Baked Goods




Food Coloring


Salad Dressings



Why does everyone want to cut it out of their diet?

Gluten is typically taken out of diets of individuals who suffer from Celiac Disease or some form of gluten intolerance and allergy. Celiac disease is a hereditary illness that causes the body to attack the inner lining of the small intestine. This is due to the presence of gluten, unfortunately this immune response causes damage to the villi in the small intestine which directly effects how well your body is able to absorb nutrients. In recent years Gluten has been speculated (but not proven) to be the cause of childhood cognitive disorders and illnesses. For many fad dieters it was believed that cutting Gluten out of your diet could lead to weight loss but the findings were inconclusive.

I hope you enjoyed todays post and find the topic of Gluten as interesting as I do. If you found this post to be informative, I challenge you to share it with your family and friends! Feel free to leave questions and comment below! ❤


“Information can bring you choices and choices bring power – educate yourself about your options and choices. Never remain in the dark of ignorance. – Joy Page



Author: Christine Adelaja

Hi, I'm Christine! I am currently working towards my Masters in Business Administration with plans to bridge the gap between Nutrition and Business. I believe the road to healthy living is both beautiful, empowering and one never ending joke. My essential purpose is to motivate and empower others towards living a healthy lifestyle through education and guidance!

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