Sweating Over Seas

Photo By Lizzie Guilbert

Fitness for me can be a love hate relationship. I often get into the groove of the gym and it quickly becomes some kind of release. Unfortunately, before it becomes a habit it can sometimes become a nuisance or it can get pushed to the back burner if school and responsibilities become hectic. As some of you may know I am currently in Nigeria visiting family and attending my dear cousins wedding.

As I began to plan this trip some months ago I realized that I had to create some kind of a plan for healthy living abroad. So I sat down and brainstormed ways to maintain an exercise regimen when you are not home.

  1. No Gym, No Problem

First things first I researched and debunked the myth of needing a gym to workout. I outlined what equipment is mandatory for a proper workout. I was happily surprised that all you really need is a good pair of running shoes and yourself, so I checked that off the list.

  1. Take advantage of trainer apps

Second, I began to explore all the awesome and free training apps out there. Most of these apps had equipment free routines which could only take up as little as 15 minutes. My favorite app that I have had the most success with was Nike Training Club. On this app they give you a step by step moves and countdown the seconds with you. Nike Training Club also allows you to download your workouts onto your phone ahead of time, how cool is that.

  1. Pinterest is your friend

This awesome pinning tool has really helped me explore new workout regimens and foods. I wasn’t surprised to find the awesome layouts of different travel workouts. The only downside is that you may have to come up with some creative searches but I promise it will deliver.

  1. Cardio is all around you

This was something that I was very worried about before my trip but fortunately it wasn’t needed. It slipped my mind that jumping jacks, burpees, jumping rope and simple stairs can serve as your daily cardio. Be sure to keep an eye out for easy cardio routines and maybe carry a jump rope in your bag!

The healthy living journey doesn’t have to be a nuisance but instead just a schedule organizer. Take into account what tasks you may be doing while your out, if you will be touring the town by foot you may not even need a cardio dose for the day. I hope you got something from my post today, leave your comments of the creative ways you get your sweat on! ❤

“If you think adventure is dangerous, try routine, it is lethal.” – Paulo Coelho


Author: Christine Adelaja

Hi, I'm Christine! I am currently working towards my Masters in Business Administration with plans to bridge the gap between Nutrition and Business. I believe the road to healthy living is both beautiful, empowering and one never ending joke. My essential purpose is to motivate and empower others towards living a healthy lifestyle through education and guidance!

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