Do you have your buddy?

I can not stress enough how important a fitness and healthy living partner is to your health success. This person or persons can keep your goals on track. With their insight into your peaks and pitfalls they will be able to support you in ways others may not be capable of doing. Accountability partners or gym buddies are going to be one of your greatest tools to reaching your health goals.

When I began this new and improved season of my healthy living journey I did something that I don’t normally do, I told all of my close friends. This disclosure step has kept me on track and is probably the greatest fuel that has helped me to stay on track. In past fitness/health attempts I have kept my process to myself in hopes of only surprising my friends and family with the results. By opening up I have been able to get a lot of support and indirectly support those who have been contemplating the same move to a healthier lifestyle.

I challenge you to really get out of your comfort zone and share your current journey with those around you. Your story and struggles have the ability to inspire others! ❤

“You need a good support system when you’re trying to make positive lifestyle changes. If everyone is eating burgers and fries while you’re having fish and salad, it’s easy to lose your willpower.” – Bob Harper


Author: Christine Adelaja

Hi, I'm Christine! I am currently working towards my Masters in Business Administration with plans to bridge the gap between Nutrition and Business. I believe the road to healthy living is both beautiful, empowering and one never ending joke. My essential purpose is to motivate and empower others towards living a healthy lifestyle through education and guidance!

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