About Me

Hi, I’m Christine.

Here you will find encouraging words and satirical healthy living experiences. I have battled with my weight, emotional eating and eating disorders for many years. This obsession with food and at times a lack there of, led me to the study of nutrition in school and how food can affect the health of your body. With this platform I hope to give you insight into my path to weight loss and healthy living with weekly updates of my quite literal high’s and low’s. In those updates I will record my activity for the past week and the meal theme I have chosen for those days. I hope to assist all levels of healthy living goals from my personal experience and knowledge.

I plan to uniquely apply current health trends and advice to myself as a real-time human guinea pig. With this platform I want to give insight into my path to weight loss and healthy living with frequent updates of plans I have mapped out and the results at the end of each week. These weekly plans will create a transparent communication between me and you. I hope to provide a platform that is sincere, laid back, encouraging and easy to relate to. I hope you choose to take part in this journey with me because of my honest opinions and our created community that will be going through this journey with you.

Be prepared, the road to healthy living is both beautiful and empowering,  as well as one never ending joke. I hope that with my real-time chronicles I can help you towards your healthy living milestones as well!

Supposedly there is no better time than now, so let’s take back our stories together!